Risk, Responsibility and Human Rights (May 2004)

Picture of Risk, Responsibility and Human Rights Final Report

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A Multistakeholder meeting on "Risk, Responsibility and Human Rights: Assessing the Human Rights Impacts of Trade and Project Finance" was organized by the NGO Working Group on EDC in May 2004. A Discussion paper was prepared for the meeting looking at how ECAs and other International Finance Institutions take (or don't take) human rights into account. It made a number of suggestions as to how to mainstream human rights into the project cycle, including a proposal for a human rights impact assessment, and commensurate mechanisms within IFIs.

The Final Report provides the minutes from the meeting, including the presentations made by various speakers, discussion sessions, and a summary of the two day event.

Un aperçu général des présentations faites par divers conférenciers et du contenu des séances de discussion est disponible en français, de même qu’un résumé des conclusions du colloque.

Comments to the Auditor General on the review of EDC's ERD - January 1, 2004

EDC’s Commitments to the Environment

“I have asked the Auditor General to undertake an audit two years after a revised framework has been adopted, to ensure that EDC has implemented the recommended changes in its design and operation.”

Pierre Pettigrew, Press Release, June 26, 2001
Following a two year review by Parliament of the Export Development Act (EDA) and Export Development Canada (EDC), Pierre Pettigrew, Minister of International Trade, held a press conference in June 2001 to highlight what changes EDC would make to its policies.

The press release noted the government commitment to, among other things:

    * Take account of benefits to Canada and Canada’s international obligations in the area of human rights, core labour standards, and the environment


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