Our publications

In this section are all of the materials produced by the Halifax Initiative Coalition in collaboration with our members, national and international partners. We produce a range of materials. These include the following:

  • Our briefs give you more detailed information on an array of issues, and outline our recommendations on these issues;
  • All our correspondence with the Canadian government, the World Bank and IMF (and their responses) on a range of issues;
  • Our newsletter, the Issue Update, keeps you on top of what is going on among varous international financial institutions, and what new issues are emerging;
  • Our podcasts profiling progressive northern and southern voices on various emerging issues;
  • Our press room highlighting media coverage we have received and press releases we have issued on a range of issues;
  • Our reports and analysis on a number of different themes;
  • Submissions we make to official processes, statements we release and speeches we give.

Feel free to also browse our publications by issue and institution using the search function.

The Halifax Initiative also produces various resources for use by individuals and organizations interested in working on these issues.