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Tax revenues in both Northern and the Southern countries are being eroded largely due to tax evasion by multinational corporations. We promote improved financial transparency, reform of global tax rules, and tax compliance as corporate and government accountability issues.

Taxing Currency Transactions - From Feasibility to Implementation (October 2001)

Conference Papers - Vancouver, October 4-6, 2001

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Between Oct 4 - 6, 2001, Halifax Initiative hosted a conference "Taxing Currency Transactions - From Feasibility to Implementation" which attracted sixty participants from eighteen countries including: Belgium, Benin, Brazil, Canada, China, Finland, France, Germany, India, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Norway, Philippines, Thailand, United Kingdom, United States, Vietnam and Zimbabwe. The progamme included an evening public forum on Oct 4th attended by over 110 people and the two-day conference.

FAQs - Tobin Tax

The Tobin-Type Tax - Debunking the Myths

The Tobin-Type Tax - Debunking the Myths

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Currency transactions taxes such as the Tobin-type tax 1 are often dismissed by critics before all the arguments have been heard. They view the tax as too difficult to adopt and too easy to avoid. Much criticism is ill-informed or designed to stifle debate. Here are the most common myths and our response to them:

The tax is a progressive one, designed to target only those profiting from destabilising currency speculation. The poor don't flip millions of dollars a day on currency and bond markets, the world's biggest banks and investment firms do. This tax will hit them.


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