Definitely NOT the G8

Definitely not the G8In June 2010, the Halifax Initiative launched the first in a series of radio documentary -type podcasts under the rubric of "Definitely NOT the G8" just ahead of the 2010 Group of Eight (G8) and Twenty (G20) meetings in Huntsville and Toronto, Canada on June 25-27 2010.

The podcasts have three goals:

  • to raise awareness in Canada about progressive social, economic and environmental justice issues in the international development and finance arena that are often missing from, or disregarded in, official discussions and the mainstream media;
  • to profile the voices of southern partners working on the issues (in particular women, and indigenous leaders, where possible), whose perspectives and ideas are often absent or marginalized from discussions, and draw attention to Canadian and international groups working in collaboration with them on this; and
  • to highlight southern and northern alternatives to the status quo.

We hope, once the series is completed, to continue broadcasting interviews with civil society colleagues and academics on emerging progressive issues

Definitely NOT the G8 Podcast

  1. The Millennium Development Goals
  2. The Financial Transactions Tax (FTT)
  3. The Group of 20 (G20)