EDC response Re: INCO - January 7, 2003

January 7, 2003

Ms. Pamela Foster
Co-ordinator Halifax Initiative
153 Chapel Street, Suite 104 Ottawa ON

Dear Ms. Foster:

This refers to your letter of October 23 to EDC President and CEO, Ian Gillespie, regarding possible Export Development Canada (EDC) support for an expansion of INCO's mining activity in Indonesia.  Mr. Gillespie has asked me to reply on his behalf.

We are not familiar with any expansion plans by INCO in Indonesia. We will, however, take your comments into consideration should that circumstance change. Any possible involvement by EDC would first have to fully address the Environmental Review Directive (ERD) requirements for projects of this nature. At EDC, we take our adherence to Corporate Social Responsibility very seriously and ensure that our policies in this area are rigorously applied.

We appreciate this opportunity to reply to your concerns and look forward to a continued dialogue on these issues.

Yours sincerely,

Rosemarie Boyle
Vice-president, Communications and External Relations
Export Development Canada