EDC response Re: Yamula Dam - October 31, 2003

October 31, 2003


Mr. Fraser Reilly-King


NGO Working Group on EDC

Halifax Initiative

153 Chapel Street, Suite 104

Ottawa, ON  K1N 1H5


Dear Mr. Reilly-King:


This is in reply to your letter of September 5th regarding the Yamula Dam and Hydroelectric Power Plant in Kayseri Province, Turkey.


I am unable to advise how this project would be categorized. Only a review of the project environmental assessment information according to our Environmental Review Directive (ERD) would determine that categorization. The potential for re-settlement is a key factor in determining whether a project is a Category A or not. In such cases, we encourage sponsors of Category A projects to consult with locally affected people during the environmental assessment stage. If the project is determined to be a Category A, we would also encourage the project sponsor to consent to public disclosure via our website. In addition, we would request that the sponsor make project environmental assessment information available to the public. By these means, we notify the public in advance of taking our decision and we ensure that local concerns are heard.


Beyond the requirements of the ERD, we are working conscientiously to identify projects with potential adverse environmental and social impacts that fall below the ERD thresholds of SDR 10 million and 2 year projects.


We are aware of the possibility that customers could seek support for a single project through a variety of corporate entities. Similarly, we make an effort to identify projects for their potential adverse environmental and social impacts, and take action accordingly.


Any conditions applied to the project would be expressed through covenants in the legal documentation. Again, it is impossible to determine what those could be without having review the environmental assessment information; however, we would take reasonable steps to ensure that the project is carried out within our requirements.


Thank you for providing your views on this project.


Yours sincerely,


A. Ian Gillespie