G20, World Bank/IMF Annual Meetings, November 17, 2001

PDF FileOClick here to view an large size poster.ttawa Premiere of the award-winning documentary "Life and Debt"
A scathing indictment of economic globalization

Ottawa - Life and Debt, winner of the Critics Award at the Los Angeles Film Festival 2001, will be shown on the same day as the World Bank and the IMF meetings in Ottawa. Life and Debt offers a clear analysis of globalization and its negative impacts, focusing on the impacts of the World Bank and the IMF on Jamaica. Canada represents the World Bank and the IMF on the Board of Directors of both of these institutions.

This film is being shown by World Inter-Action Mondiale and Halifax Initiative following the November 17th Day of Action for Peace and Justice calling attention to the failures of economic globalization.

Roger Ebert, in a review of this film for the Chicago Sun-Times, wrote: "If you're curious about why the demonstrators are so angry, this is why they're so angry."

For more reviews of the film, visit: http://www.lifeanddebt.org

  • What: Ottawa premiere of Life and Debt

  • When: 2:00 pm, Sunday, November 18, 2001

  • Where: Mayfair Theatre, 1074 Bank Street

  • Cost: Tickets are $ 5

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