The G8, Globalization and Human Security - June 26, 2003

"The G8, Globalization and Human Security - a Resource Package and Facilitator's Guide"

This package uses the lens of the G8 through which to examine issues of globalization and human security because of the central role the G8 plays in economics and global governance. This package was produced by the Alberta Council for Global Cooperation with the support of the Halifax Initiative Coalition.

Facilitator's Guide:
 Cover to the Facilitator's Guide (1 page, 1.47 MB)
 Part One of the Facilitator's Guide (42 pages, 9.81 MB)
 Part Two of the Facilitator's Guide (23 pages, 3.39 MB)


"The G8 is not our fate"
An information kit containing 11 factsheets discussing different issues related to the G8, including what is the G8 and the New Partnership for Africa's Development.
Issue packages:
1. Building the Global Financial Architecture (4 pages, 2.28 MB)
2. What is the G8? (4 pages, 2.07 MB)
3. The G8, the World Bank and the IMF (4 pages, 2.53 MB)
4. The G8 and the World Trade Organization (4 pages, 1.88 MB)
5. The G8 and the Debt Crisis (4 pages, 3.29 MB)
6. The G8 and Health (4 pages, 3.77 MB)
7. The G8 and the Environment (4 pages, 1.34 MB)
8. The 2002 Kananaskis Summit (4 pages, 3.45 MB)
9. The G8 and Global Security (4 pages, 1.30 MB)
10. The G8 and Africa (4 pages, 2.61 MB)
11. The 2001 G8 Communique Breakdown (4 pages, 2.29 MB)
12. Global Alternatives to the G8 (8 pages, 3.11 MB)
13. Glossary of Terms Used (2 pages, 124 KB)