June, 2001: We Can Stop the Hot Money Casino

We Can Stop the Hot Money Casino
The world of international finance has become a global gambling casino, where investors seeking quick profits bet huge sums around the clock. They play with HOT MONEY. Unlike money invested directly in the production of goods or services which then make money over the long-term, HOT MONEY makes money from money alone and it does so very quickly. No jobs are created, no services provided, no factories built, and no widgets produced. HOT MONEY investors play the bond and currency markets profiting from the minute-to-minute, hourly or daily fluctuations in prices around the world. The game is big - US$1.5 TRILLION ($1,500,000,000,000) of various currencies are traded EVERY DAY, most of which is pure financial speculation as traders bet on whether currency values and interest rates will rise or fall.