Letter #1 from Minister M. Aileen Caroll - July 8, 2005.

Recieved July 8, 2005

Mr. John Mihevc
Halifax Initiative Coalition
104 - 153 Chapel Street
Ottawa, Ontario KIN 1H5

Dear Mr. Mihevc:

As Minister of International Cooperation, I am pleased to respond to your letter to the Prime Minister, concerning Canada's international assistance efforts.

Financial taxes are complex matters, especially when they are meant to generate additional revenues for development and not, like past proposals such as the Tobin tax, to reduce market volatility. This is why my colleague, the Honourable Ralph E. Goodale, Minister of Finance, and I requested, at the World Bank and International Monetary Fund meetings last October, that their staff conduct technical studies on the potential impact of various innovative financing proposals.

Comments on Bank Operational Policy on Indigenous Peoples - February 28, 2005

February 28, 2005

Indigenous Peoples Coordinator
Mailstop MC5-523
World Bank
1818 H Street
NW Washington DC 20433 USA
Email: indigenouspeoples@worldbank.org

RE: Comments on Revised Draft Operational Policy on Indigenous Peoples (Revised Draft OP 4.10)

Dear Indigenous Peoples Coordinator,

Please find below our comments on the Draft Operational Policy on Indigenous Peoples (Revised Draft OP 4.10).

We the undersigned Canadian organizations and representatives are writing to highlight the need for the World Bank to strengthen its draft OP 4.10 in order to ensure that the policy sufficiently meets international standards and guarantees on the rights of Indigenous Peoples.

In our opinion, for the operational policy to be seen to be credible and effective it must contain mandatory provisions that:

    Government of Canada response Re: Debt relief, financing and other issues - April 8, 2005

    April 8, 2005


    Mr. John Mihevc and co-signatories
    Halifax initiative Coalition
    104-153 Chapel Street
    Ottawa, ON KIN 1H5

    Dear Mr. Mihevc and co-signatories:

    Thank you for your correspondence of January 28, 2005 regarding debt relief, additional financing and other development issues. I apologize for the delay of my reply.

    Letter to Minister Goodale Re: Leadership on Full and Unconditional Cancellation of Poor Country Debts - January 28, 2005

    PDF Letter available here

    Version PDF française disponible ici

    January 28, 2005

    The Honourable Ralph Goodale M.P., P.C.,
    Minister of Finance
    140 O'Connor Street
    Ottawa, ON K1A 0G5
    Fax: 995-5176

    RE: Canadian CSOs Call for Leadership to Secure Full and Unconditional Cancellation of Poor Country Debts

    Dear Minister Goodale,

    The next few months offer an historic opportunity for Canada to take leadership among the G7 Finance Ministers to consider genuine and permanent solutions to the problems of debt and development, especially as they affect Africa.

    Response from EDC Re: INCO - January 17, 2005

    January 17, 2005

    Mr. Fraser Reilly-King
    NGO Working Group on EDC
    153 Chapel Street. #104
    Ottawa Ontario  K1N 1H5

    Dear Mr. Reilly-King,

    This refers to your letter of October 20 regarding the INCO Goro Nickel Mine in New Caledonia. First, I should point out that your correspondence referenced our letter dated January 7, 2003 to your enquiry of October 23, 2002; please note that you wrote us regarding INCO's plans for expansion in Indonesia, not New Caledonia, and our reply related to the same.