Pillaged Lives: Third World Debt and Global Institutions

Root causes of third world poverty, social injustice and environmental degradation are not beyond our understanding!

Pillaged Lives: Third World Debt & Global Institutions (1997) will help you comprehend some of the root causes and make the connection among them.  It is the only CD-ROM currently available which offers and accessible, comprehensive overview of the third world debt problem: its origins, evolution, and the devastating impact it has on so many lives.  Throughout the program, hypertext links let you choose which areas to explore in depth, depending on your knowledge and interests.

The CD-ROM includes easy-to-understand narration, stunning images, music, in-depth case studies, background documents and an action section.

Produced by the Social Justice Committee of Montreal

In partnership with: Concordia University, The Article 19 Group, and the Halifax Initiative Coalition.

Made in Canada

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Macintosh computers:

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Available from the Halifax Initiative Coalition for $5

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