Press Responses : June 21, 2002

As next week's summit looms, activists find a 'perimeter of fear' keeps them far away from the action
G8 leaders bring differing priorities to the table. Activists, meantime, aren't even being allowed in

Friday, June 21, 2002 Print Edition, Page A6

CALGARY -- While African development is supposed to be the central focus at next week's meeting of world leaders, access denial is becoming a major theme for globalization opponents.

Press Responses : June 15, 2002

Calgary Herald June 15, 2002
Give Africa more of a say in its own future: coalition
By Allison Auld - The Canadian Press
Group of Seven countries must cancel soaring debts that impoverish African nations and revise aid programs to better suit the needs of people in countries that languish under heavy financial burdens, a coalition of activists said yesterday.