Reckless Lending - Volume I: How Canada's Export Development Corporation Puts People and the Environment at Risk (March 2000)

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Reckless Lending Volume I documents the negative impacts of several projects financed by Canada's Export Development Corporation (EDC). These publications demonstrate clearly the need to ensure that EDC, a public agency, be required by law to uphold public policies and international standards protecting human rights, the environment and the social needs of communities.

Canada’s Export Development Corporation puts people and the environment in developing countries at risk. The following case studies document some of the negative impacts of EDC-supported projects. Unlike the World Bank and the US Export Credit Agencies, EDC is not required to undertake assessments of the possible impacts on the environment, human rights or communities when, for example, a dam, a nuclear reactor or a mine is being built. The result, as these case studies show, can be disastrous.