Sadiola Gold Mine

IFC: owns 6% of the operating company
CPP: $38 million[1]

Two villages were displaced in order to make way for the Sadiola mine.  The vast majority of relocated agriculturalists and pastoralists who did not possess title to their lands have seen their livelihoods diminish.  Replacement lands are less fertile and some are located far from villages.  Water resources are scarce.  Natural areas used by locals have been degraded through deforestation caused by the mine.  Mine workers live in poor conditions and locals report a rise in prostitution, alcoholism, drug use and the spread of HIV/AIDS since the arrival of gold mining.[2]

[1] CPP Investment Board Canadian Equity Holdings as of March 31, 2006.
[2] Jul-Larsen, Eyolf et al. Socio-Economic Effects of Gold Mining in Mali: A Study of the Sadiola and Morila Mining Operations. CMI (CHR. Michelsen Institute). 2006.