Tobin Tax Parliamentary Motion - One year on!

ONE YEAR LATER - What has Canada done about the Tobin Tax Motion? NOT MUCH! Write your MP, the Prime Minister and the Finance Minister before March 23.

On March 23, 1999, an exuberant Parliament passed a motion to "enact a tax on financial transactions in concert with the international community" with all party support by a resounding 164-83 margin. The motion was a strong message from Parliament that the political must regain control of the financial in the interests of the world's common wealth.

One year later, we have little progress to report. While the Canadian motion has sparked debate in Parliaments around the world, there has been little action at home. There have been no public hearings, no follow-up studies, no meetings of experts, in short, no substantive action to move the agenda forward either domestically or internationally.

Without continued public pressure, this motion may vanish from the political map, even as Parliaments around the world begin mobilizing in support of the Tobin tax. Remind the Canadian Parliament that the work only starts when the vote is taken. Join our Tobin Anniversary Campaign :

Check to see how your MP voted . If s/he voted "YES", check to find his/her email and send him/her a letter calling for immediate action or give them a call to discuss. Send a letter to the Prime Minister and the Finance Minister Send a letter to your paper - letters to the editor, op-eds and newsletter inserts spread the message to a broad audience across the country.

Sign our Citizen's Declaration if you have not already done so - we present them to Paul Martin every chance we get as a reminder that citizen,s support for the Tobin tax is still growing.

Remember to write before the vote anniversary date - March 23. It was all our efforts that resulted in the passage of the Tobin Tax motion - it will take all our efforts to keep it alive. We plan to circulate materials to all MPs who voted in favour and will hold a press conference with Lorne Nystrom, other MPs, and our partner organizations including ATTAC Quebec on the anniversary.

Contact Us for further information and copies of our new Tobin tax poster.
Thanks for your efforts to hold our elected member's feet to the fire.