Tax Justice and Human Rights: A Collaborative Symposium

A Collaborative Symposium for Researchers, Students and Activists. 

June 18-20, 2014, McGill University, Montreal.  

Until recently, tax policy was a technical speciality left to experts. Today, researchers, community groups and social justice activists are examining whether government tax policies lead to healthy communities and environments, support people in meeting their needs, and promote the achievement of basic human rights.

On June 18-20, researchers, tax justice activists, community organizations and civil society organizations from around the world will convene in Montreal for a unique symposium to discuss the latest research, share experiences, and promote public participation in the growing international dialogue on taxation. The symposium will address offshore tax havens, corporate taxation, gender and fiscal justice, and highlight efforts in both the North and South to promote progressive taxation. Since taxation is a major determinant of the allocation of rights and resources within and across societies, a key theme will be the human rights implications of tax policy.

Invited speakers include His Excellency Thabo Mbeki, Chair, UN High Level Panel on Illicit Outflows from Africa; Dr. Thomas Pogge, Yale University; Dr. Attiya Waris, University of Kenya; Savior Mwambwa, Tax Justice Network-Africa; John Christensen, Tax Justice Network (UK); Prof. Radhika Balakrishnan, Rutgers Center for Women's Global Leadership; Lidy Nacpil, Global Alliance for Tax Justice; Prof. Allison Christians, McGill University; Alex Himelfarb, York University; Lloyd Lipsett, International Bar Association.

This symposium will be of interest to community organizations, international development and human rights organizations, unions, students, social justice activists, academics and researchers. 

Join us in June on the beautiful campus of McGill University. Space is limited. The symposium fee is $120 and advance registration available at:

An initiative of the Faculty of Law, McGill University; the Tax Justice Network (UK); the Halifax Initiative; Canadians for Tax Fairness; Inter Pares.