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Press Release - March 29, 2005

Commercial Confidentiality Needlessly Trumps Transparency at Crown Corp, Report Finds

Ottawa, March 29, 2005 'Export Development Canada (EDC) can play a more proactive role in shedding light on key environmental information for the projects it supports, while still balancing company demands for confidentiality, argues a new report by Sierra Legal Defense Fund. The report lays out a framework for enhancing access to information within the financial institution.

Press Release - October 25, 2004

Report Card Flunks Crown Corp on Transparency
Ottawa, October 25, 2004 – A Canadian coalition of groups hammered Export Development Canada (EDC) for poor transparency on the most controversial and risky projects it funds, the day before the Auditor General is set to release a report on the environmental and disclosure policies of the crown corporation.

“Three years ago the Auditor General identified public consultation and disclosure of environmental information as being essential to a credible review process”, said Fraser Reilly-King, Coordinator of the NGO Working Group on EDC, the coalition that released the report.

Event: Conference on Risk, Responsibility and Human Rights - May 3-4, 2004

Risk, Responsibility and Human Rights: Assessing the Human Rights Impacts of Trade and Project Finance

Panel discussion and expert meeting


In an effort to address the lack of dialogue around the issue of human rights and trade and project financing, and acknowledging the increasing pressure for corporations, ECAs and other public international financial institutions (PIFIs) to take human rights into account, the NGO Working Group on Export Development Canada (WG), in collaboration with Rights & Democracy (formerly ICHRDD), organized a meeting in Ottawa on May 3rd and 4th, 2004 to discuss how the human rights impacts of trade and project finance can be assessed.


This conference builds on previous discussions amongst civil society on this issue. The May 2004 workshop will build on those initial meetings, bringing together experts from government (including EDC), academia and civil society to explore the challenges and opportunities for developing a Human Rights Impact Assessment.

When: May 3-4, 2004
Where: Volunteer Canada, McLeod Street, Ottawa, Ontario






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