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Presentation on "Controlling Casino Capital", World Social Forum, Porto Allegre

World Social Forum - Porto Alegre - Jan 25-30, 2001

Robin Round
Policy Analyst
Halifax Initiative Coalition

We use money everyday. Money is a tool; a means to simplify transactions in an economy based on the exchange of goods and services. But the way most of us use money is old fashioned, out of date. Money is no longer a means of exchange but an end in itself. We live in the era of the commodification of money, an era where money has become divorced from the real economy it was originally designed to serve.

G-20 Counter Conference, October 2000

PDF file report In October 2000, the Halifax Initiative organized a three day event on the eve of the G-20 Finance Ministers meeting in Montreal to discuss alternative proposals for the global financial system. The first day comprised of a film festival and Teach-In. An NGO strategy session was held for two days to explore ways the global financial system could contribute to the eradication of poverty and environment sustainability.

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FAQs - Group of Twenty (G20)

Revised March 2000


What is the G20?
 The G-20 was set up to 'smooth out the bumps' of financial globalization. It was established in the wake of the financial crises that gripped the global economy and devastated much of Asia, Russia and Latin America in the late 1990's. The G-20's mandate is 'To promote discussion, and study and review policy issues among industrialized countries and emerging markets with a view to promoting international financial stability.'

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Who sits at the G20 table?


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