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Canada's Export Development Corporation - Financing Disaster

In 1999, Amnesty International raised alarms about the killing of four indigenous people protesting a hydroelectric dam in Colombia that has devastated their food source and, if completed, would flood most of their land.

In 1998, an accident at a mine in Kyrgystan resulted in two tons of cyanide entering a river. A lack of an emergency response plan worsened the disaster, leaving two people dead and over 600 hospitalized.

Action Alert Archives - September 13, 2004

Dear Halifax Initiative Rapid Response Network,

Please note that this coming month is a critical time for the campaign to cancel the debt of poor countries.  We are asking you to take action to help make 100% debt cancellation a possibility for the poorest countries, with no conditions attached.

What you can do? 
1) Call Prime Minister Martin, Minister Goodale and your MP and tell them you want Canada to support cancelling the debt (see note below and attached)


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