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Civil Society Statement: G20: Take Action on FTT

To sign on to this letter, send the name of the organization and country in which it is based by 5PM Washington DC time on November 3rd to Amy Gray:

International Civil Society Statement to the G-20 Leaders Summit in Seoul

We, the undersigned civil society organizations from 32 countries, urge G-20 leaders to make concrete progress towards the introduction of an internationally coordinated financial transactions tax (FTT) at the upcoming summit in Seoul.

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Freely circulating and unregulated capital destabilizes democracy. This is why regulatory mechanisms are necessary. One such mechanism is the Tobin tax, named after the American economics Nobel prize winner. James Tobin proposed, in 1978, to tax, at a low rate, all the transactions on the currency markets in order to discourage speculation and, at the same time, provide the international community with resources.

Action Alert Archives : August 21, 2003

The World Bank and other donors have vowed to fight corruption, which undermines development and democracy. Yet their focus is consistently only on corrupt acts perpetrated by poor country governments, when it actually takes two to tango.

"There is always somebody who pays, and international business is generally the main source of corruption", said none other than the billionaire financier, George Soros.

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