Action Alert Archives : March 6, 2003

Say NO to Alumysa!!

The Alumysa aluminum smelter, proposed by the Canadian giant Noranda Inc., is a $2.75 billion mega-project that threatens to devastate the Aisén region of Patagonia, Chile. Aisén is thought to be one of the least contaminated areas remaining on the planet. Residents of the region have declared Aisén a "Life Preserve", while a Chilean Senate Commission is proposing Patagonia as a World Heritage Site. It is an area that is rich in native forests and water resources. If the project moves forward, Alumysa would destroy the heart of Patagonia with its six dams, three hydroelectric installations, access roads, power lines, a new port and wharf, and the aluminum smelter.

Going ahead with this project clearly contradicts Noranda Inc.'s image of being a socially responsible corporation. Write them an on-line action alert to let them know what you think.