G20, World Bank/IMF Annual Meetings, November 17, 2001

PDF FileOClick here to view an large size poster.ttawa Premiere of the award-winning documentary "Life and Debt"
A scathing indictment of economic globalization

Ottawa - Life and Debt, winner of the Critics Award at the Los Angeles Film Festival 2001, will be shown on the same day as the World Bank and the IMF meetings in Ottawa. Life and Debt offers a clear analysis of globalization and its negative impacts, focusing on the impacts of the World Bank and the IMF on Jamaica. Canada represents the World Bank and the IMF on the Board of Directors of both of these institutions.

This film is being shown by World Inter-Action Mondiale and Halifax Initiative following the November 17th Day of Action for Peace and Justice calling attention to the failures of economic globalization.

Roger Ebert, in a review of this film for the Chicago Sun-Times, wrote: "If you're curious about why the demonstrators are so angry, this is why they're so angry."

Taxing Currency Transactions - From Feasibility to Implementation (October 2001)

Conference Papers - Vancouver, October 4-6, 2001

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Between Oct 4 - 6, 2001, Halifax Initiative hosted a conference "Taxing Currency Transactions - From Feasibility to Implementation" which attracted sixty participants from eighteen countries including: Belgium, Benin, Brazil, Canada, China, Finland, France, Germany, India, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Norway, Philippines, Thailand, United Kingdom, United States, Vietnam and Zimbabwe. The progamme included an evening public forum on Oct 4th attended by over 110 people and the two-day conference.

Conference: "Currency Transactions Taxes: From Feasibility to Implementation", Vancouver, October 4 - 6, 2001

Conference Summary
The citizens-led anti-globalization movement is in its ascendancy, yet risks its credibility if it is unable to articulate an agenda of alternatives to the current economic paradigm. At NGO conferences around the world over the last two years, debate has expanded beyond a critique of the existing economic paradigm and systems to the articulation of the "world we want". One critical component of an emerging vision of global equity and justice, supported by a growing number of non-governmental organizations, unions, Parliamentarians and academics around the world, is the currency transactions tax or CTT.

The Dakar Manifesto - 11-17 December 2000

The Dakar Manifesto
Africa: From Resistance to Alternatives

Dakar 2000: From Resistance to Alternatives

Dakar, Senegal, 11-17 December 2000 

The Dakar 2000 conference brought together leaders of NGOs and social movements from all over Africa to analyze the debt crisis and the impacts of IMF/World Bank Structural Adjustment Programmes on African populations. Conference participants also considered strategies for resistance to the neoliberal model and highlighted alternative approaches.

G-20 Counter Conference, October 2000

PDF file report In October 2000, the Halifax Initiative organized a three day event on the eve of the G-20 Finance Ministers meeting in Montreal to discuss alternative proposals for the global financial system. The first day comprised of a film festival and Teach-In. An NGO strategy session was held for two days to explore ways the global financial system could contribute to the eradication of poverty and environment sustainability.

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