The Changing Face of Global Development Finance - Presentations Day One and Two

On days one and two of the February 2008 conference on the "Changing Face of Global Development Finance", we heard the following presentations:

Catherine Coumans, MiningWatch Canada and Chair of the Halifax Initiative Coalition, providing an introduction and overview to the conference. Notes  
Keynote speeches: The changing face of global development finance    
Amar Bhattacharya, Group of 24 providing an overview of current debates around international development and the broad spectrum of issues related to global development finance; Presentation Listen
Yao Graham, Third World Network-Africa looking at the impact of the global development finance debates on Ghana, and in particular Africa;   Listen
Discussion   Listen

Theme One: Emerging Institutional Alternatives
Jorge Marchini, International Debt Observatory on the cotext in which the Bank of the South developed and looking forward to what it might look like; Presentation Listen
Fabrina Furtado, Rede Brasil presenting some critiques of the Bank of the South, and why Brazil has been so opposed to its development; Presentation Listen
Worapot Manupipatpong, Asian Development Bank Institute on the development of the Chiang Mai Initiative and an Asian Monetary Fund; Presentation Listen
Discussion   Listen

Theme Two: New sources of aid and their challenges
Firoze Manji, Pambazuka News and Fahamu on the role of China in Africa; Presentation / Paper Listen
Theme Three: New emerging alternatives for financing development, including private and public vertical funds    
Roberto Bissio, Social Watch, on the Paris Declaration and Financing for Development; and   Listen
John Foster, North South Institute on new mechanisms for Financing Development. Notes Listen
Discussion   Listen

Reflections on the emerging themes, issues and challenges
Tony Tujan, IBON Foundation and Chair,Reality of Aid Network, summing up the themes of the day.   Listen

Theme four: What will make aid more effective?    
Charles Mutasa, AFRODAD providing an overview of aid effectiveness and its challenges; Presentation Listen
Lydia Duran, Association for Women's Rights in Development providing insight on the gender blind nature of the Paris Declaration and discussions around aid effectiveness;   Listen
Rasheed Draman, Parliamentary Centre on how national Parliament's continue to be ostracized from the aid debate. Presentation Listen
Discussion   Listen

Theme five: Beyond the aid box
Roy Culpeper, North-South Institute, on financing development and the role of domestic resource mobilization; Presentation Listen
Alejandro Bendana, Centro de Estudios Internacionales, Nicaragua on moving beyond the aid box. Presentation Listen
Discussion   Listen

Concluding remarks
Gerry Barr, Canadian Council for International Co-operation, summing up the flavour of the discussions from the past two days.   Listen