Complaint to EDC Compliance Officer - July 28, 2003

July 28, 2003

Ms. Alison Lawford
Compliance Officer
Export Development Canada
151 O’Connor Street,
Ottawa ON K1A 1K3

Dear Ms. Lawford:

I am writing you on behalf of the NGO Working Group on EDC (WG), a working group of the Halifax Initiative, to file a complaint with regard to the Cernavoda 2 nuclear reactor in Romania. Last January, Export Development Canada (EDC) confirmed that it would provide a $328 million loan guarantee to the Romanian government to help complete the construction of the reactor.

In accordance with the guidelines for filing complaints, I have divided this letter into three sections that outline the WG’s opinion of the problem, our opinion on the desired result of an investigation, and what has been done to solve the problem.

Press Responses : Sunday, March 19, 2000

PUBLICATION The Ottawa Citizen
DATE Sun 19 Mar 2000


HEADLINE: `This is a race to the bottom': Crown agency spends billions secretly backing environmentally destructive projects others won't touch Export Development Corp. `will do anything,' critic says; EDC VP insists agency `routinely' turns down projects that are environmentally `risky'

Press Responses: October 12, 2006

Mining controversies fly under the radar

By Terry Glavin
Publish Date: 12-Oct-2006

Last month, in Ecuador's Imbabura province, "ecoterrorists" kidnapped seven technical staff associated with the Vancouver-based mining company Ascendant Copper. Two of the workers escaped almost immediately; three were released the following day, and the last two hostages were freed after a four-day standoff, but only after 60 police officers moved in. The result was the arrest and conviction of two radicals from an extremist organization operating in the mountains.

Letter to John Ruggie Re: HRIA - September 24, 2006

September 24, 2006

Professor John Ruggie
UN Special Representative to the Secretary General on Business and Human Rights
Harvard University
John F. Kennedy School of Government
79 John F. Kennedy Street
Cambridge, MA 02138

Dear Professor Ruggie

RE: General Principles on Human Rights Impact Assessments

We are sharing with you our collective views on general principles for a human rights impact assessment. These have arisen from a meeting on community-driven human rights impact assessments, convened by Rights & Democracy[1] in Johannesburg, South Africa, 21-24 September, 2006.

Letter to Francois Page, Advisor to the Executive Director for Canada, WB Re: WB energy strategy - July 16, 1999

Francois Page
Advisor to the Executive Director for Canada
World Bank
1818 H street, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20433

Fax: 1-202-477-4155

16 July, 1999

Dear Mr. Page;,

Please thank Ms. O"Leary for forwarding to us the Draft Final Report on the Fuel for Thought: Environmental Strategy for the Energy Sector and the Proposal to Establish a Prototype Carbon Fund. We appreciate their provision in order to enable us to provide more relevant input to the Board discussion on July 20th. As you know, the Bank did not share your commitment to transparency. The Bank decision not to release the Strategy publicly is, as you can imagine, a great disappointment to all of us who have been engaged in consultations on this Strategy over the past year. We would appreciate if Canada can express its concern that the Strategy was not publicly released prior to the Board meeting.