Empty Promises: The IMF, the World Bank, and the Planned Failures of Global Capitalism

This book provides an introduction to a wide range of issues on the World Bank and IMF, including on the institutions themselves, and privatization, trade, land reform, microcredit and debt. The Halifax Initiative was one of many organizations to contribute to the book.

In Empty Promises (2003), you will find a series of 32 brief essays, including:

  • Demands of the IMF & World Bank
  • Basic Facts about the IMF & World Bank
  • Debt - The Linchpin of Structural Adjustment & Globalization
  • Structural Adjustment
  • What's In a Name?: PRSP and Structural Adjustment
  • The Failures of IMF/World Bank "Debt Relief"
  • False Start: The IMF's Sovereign Debt Restructuring Mechanism
  • The World Bank's International Development Association: Developing Whom?
  • The International Finance Corporation
  • MIGA: Taxpayer-Funded Profit Insurance from the World Bank
  • Impact of IMF and World Bank Policies on Labour
  • Globalization and Women
  • The World Bank and Health
  • HIV/AIDS: World's Worst Epidemic, Fuelled by Debt & IMF/World Bank Policies
  • Pulling the TRIPS-Wire: Intellectual Property Rights & Public Health
  • Education: A Public Right or a Private Commodity?
  • The Drive for Water Privatization
  • Land Reform
  • The Private Sector Development Strategy of the World Bank Group
  • FTAA, CAFTA, PPP, IIRSA: Latin America's Alphabet Soup of Neo-Liberalism
  • GATS: In Who's Service?
  • The World Bank and Free Trade: Working in Harmony
  • The World Bank and Large Dams
  • The World Bank's Corporate Agenda: Enron and Oil for the Global North
  • Export Credit Agencies: The Dirtiest Secret of Globalization
  • Microcredit: Can it Survive the World Bank's Help?
  • Post-Conflict Countries: East Timor
  • Post-Conflict Countries: Sri Lanka
  • Argentina, the IMF and the World Bank
  • Human Rights, Oil & Indigenous Communities: The World Bank in the Andean Region
  • Domestic Servitude & IMF/World Bank Staff
  • Act Locally for Global Justice: Join the World Bank Bonds Boycott

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