Press Release : Sunday, December 15, 2002

Currency Tax site launched today
Today, Halifax Initiative, a Canadian coalition for economic democracy, launches its new website: . In the interest of contributing to the building a global public constituency and assisting researchers worldwide, our site aims, to the extent possible, to be a comprehensive information warehouse on the currency transactions tax issue.
The site provides a comprehensive range of education materials including:

  • accessible public education materials in French and English;
  • current and historical research papers and policy debates;
  • national and multilateral political and institutional debates and initiatives;
  • public mobilization campaigns by leading non-governmental organizations operating at the local, national and international levels;
  • samples of national and international media coverage on the CTT issue.

The site is an evolving one and we encourage all those who wish to contribute materials to the site, to please do so at . Special thanks are in order to ATTAC France, War on Want (UK), Tobin Tax Initiative (US), Global Policy Forum (US) and the Ford Foundation for making this site possible.