July 28, 1999: Vote campaign reports

Here's a brief summary of events since our last update :

The federal government has made no formal effort to act on the endorsement given to it by Canadians and is, in fact, actively downplaying the Tobin tax motion. Although Finance Minister Paul Martin assured Halifax Initiative representatives, at a meeting in Washington in April, that he had raised the Tobin tax informally with Finance Ministers, actions in Canada and abroad reveals a failure of commitment and a betrayal of the democratic process.

February 4, 1999: Vote campaign reports

February 4, 1999
The second hour of debate on the Tobin tax motion was held in the House of Comons on Feb 3. The Bloc Quebecois has proposed that the motion be amended by removing the words "enact a tax on financial transactions" and replacing them with the following: "promote the implementation of a tax aimed at discouraging speculation on fluctuations in the exchange rate." The language is weaker but not seriously so, and if it brings Bloc support (44seats), is worthwhile.

My overall impression of the debate is that some MPs are ill-informed or are being deliberately misleading in their arguments. The taxes hurt  'average' Canadians" myth seems to be the favorite we must debunk as we argue in favour of the tax.


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