Africa's Renaissance - Seminar at Carleton University, October 31, 1 - 2:30PM

The Africa-Canada Forum (Canadian Council for International Cooperation), the Halifax Initiative & the Institute of African Studies present:

Africa’s Renaissance: A Critical Discussion

Several African countries have experienced rapid economic growth over the past decade. But will growth lead to sustainable development? Can growth be tempered with equity? Is the private sector the key to growth and development? What is the role of aid and foreign investment? How can African countries mobilize their own resources to promote their own development?Join us for a lively discussion of these questions.

When: Wednesday October 31, 1:00 PM – 2:30 PM

Where: Arts Lounge (2017 Dunton Tower), Carleton University

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Tetteh Hormeku-Ajei is Head of Programmes at Third World Network-Africa based in Ghana.Tetteh has a Master of Laws degree in International Economic Law and for two decades has been involved in research and advocacy on key policy issues relating to international trade, finance, investment and the challenges facing African economies.

James Henry is the former chief economist of McKinsey and Co. in the United States. He has written widely on capital flight, tax havens, debt, and corporate taxation. He is the author of a recent report which estimated that between US $21 to $32 trillion of global private financial wealth has been invested through the world’s secrecy jurisdictions. Mr. Henry believes that international action is necessary to curtail these financial outflows in order that Southern countries can retain their own resources to invest in poverty eradication activities.

Vitalice Meja co-ordinates the Reality of Aid Africa, a pan-African network concerned with improving development cooperation and strategies for poverty eradication. Based in Kenya, Vitalice has many years of experience in research and policy advocacy at national, regional and international levels on financing for development, debt, and official development assistance with governments and the multilateral bodies.