Action Alert Archives: World Bank 60th Anniversary

2004 marks the 60th Anniversary of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund.

For too many years now, the policies and practices of these two institutions have increased inequality, raised unemployment rates, undermined healthcare and education and contributed to environmental degradation in over 100 developing countries.

In response, citizens from around the world have worked together to end the global economic injustice driven by the World Bank and its sister institution, the International Monetary Fund. This year, the chorus of concern will be even louder as citizens groups and activists all over the globe organize anniversary speaking tours, global justice film festivals, non-violent direct action, street theatre, conferences & teach-ins and mock retirement parties.

Halifax Initiative invites you to join our 2004 World Bank Anniversary Actions to help stop the policies and practices of one of the biggest engines of global neo-liberalism.

What you can do:

  • Join the World Bank Boycott –The World Bank Boycott is an international campaign that demands an end to destructive World Bank policies and projects through grassroots financial and political power. Information and materials are available at our website at and you can contact us directly for more info at
  • Host a teach-in on the impacts of globalization and the World Bank. Make the connection between global poverty, corporate domination and the devastation wrought by the World Bank globally. Invite speakers from within and outside of your community to talk about the World Bank and its effects on poverty, ecology, and health care, labour rights and education in developing countries. Contact the Halifax Initiative for suggestions about speakers –
  • Organize a global justice film festival in your student centre, public library, union hall, community centre, church, synagogue, or living room. Contact the Global Justice Film Project for a kit to help organize your film events -
  • Send an "Unhappy Birthday" card to the World Bank.

Let us know what you are organizing in your community.