Oscar Ugarteche

Establishing an Independent Sovereign Debt Workout Mechanism

Oscar Ugarteche, Senior Research Fellow, Instituto de Investigaciones
Económicas, UNAM, Mexico and member of the Latin American Network on
Debt and Development (LATINDAD)

Gail Hurley

Beyond a new debt crisis

Gail Hurley, Policy and Advocacy Officer, European Network on Debt and

Tina Nanyangwe

Africa's trade during the crisis and the conclusion of the Doha Round

Tina Nanyangwe, formerly Jesuit Center for Theological Reflection

Raymond Baker

Plugging the leaks

Raymond Baker, Director, Global Financial Integrity

Government of Canada: 

Pablo Heidrich

Policy responses to unfettered finance

Pablo Heidrich, Senior Researcher, The North-South Institute

Questions and answers and discussion - Tuesday 9:30am panel

Governance and institutions - Global economic governance in crisis: new players, new power

Questions and answers and discussion

Jo-Marie Griesgraber

Reforming global governance, and addressing power imbalances

Jo-Marie Griesgraber, Executive Director, New Rules for Global Finance (Stand-in for Domenico Lombardi), President, The Oxford Institute for Economic Policy and Nonresident Senior Fellow, Brookings Institution.

John Sinclair

The emerging role of the G20 as the Leaders Forum

John Sinclair, Senior Fellow, School of International Development and Global Studies, University of Ottawa

Roy Culpeper

Thematic overview of the crisis, its impacts, current responses and future opportunities

Roy Culpeper, President, The North-South Institute

Questions and answers and discussion Monday 5:30pm panel

Thinking the unthinkable – The global financial crisis as an opportunity for transformative and systemic change?


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