Farming crisis

Roundtable 3: The Millennium Development Goals - Podcast

2010 G8/G20 Canadian Civil Society Coordinating Committee
Parliamentary Roundtables on the G8/G20 Agendas

Roundtable 3: The Millennium Development Goals

Tuesday, April 27th, 2010
9:00 am - 11:00 am
Room 2-2, National Press Building, 165 Sparks Street, Ottawa

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Q&A Session

Perspectives on proposals for change - Rethinking the global financial system

Questions and answers and discussion

Government of Canada: 

Soren Ambrose

Rethinking the global financial architecture – perspectives from civil society

Soren Ambrose, Development Finance Coordinator, Action Aid International

Q&A Session

Looking ahead - A looming debt crisis? Towards ensuring future responsible lending

Questions and Answers

Oscar Ugarteche

Establishing an Independent Sovereign Debt Workout Mechanism

Oscar Ugarteche, Senior Research Fellow, Instituto de Investigaciones
Económicas, UNAM, Mexico and member of the Latin American Network on
Debt and Development (LATINDAD)

Gail Hurley

Beyond a new debt crisis

Gail Hurley, Policy and Advocacy Officer, European Network on Debt and

Tina Nanyangwe

Africa's trade during the crisis and the conclusion of the Doha Round

Tina Nanyangwe, formerly Jesuit Center for Theological Reflection

Report from workshop with national farmers union



Since the mid 1970s the realized net income of Canadian farms have fallen consistently. The farm crisis that dominated headlines a few months ago may have been triggered by environmental conditions but statistical information clearly indicates it is part of an ongoing trend that has seen net income per farm (in 1998 $) fall from $50,000 in 1975 to -$2,000 in 1999. Clearly this is part of an ongoing trend that the AFB must address in dramatic fashion lest we see the complete annihilation of the Canadian family farm and with it, the rural communities on which much of Canada was built.

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